Denise Di Novi On Opportunities For Female Directors

Anne Thompson reports for Indiewire that yet another voice is championing more opportunities for female directors. Recently, Denise Di Novi’s directorial debut, “Unforgettable”, was released in theaters, and according to Thompson, even though it was not a huge success at the box office, it will not inhibit Di Novi’s ability to direct future studio films.

Thompson informs that Di Novi had a long career as a very capable producer for the major studios, and when it came time to make “Unforgettable” she convinced Warner Bros to hire a female director for the project. After a slew of options came and went, Warner Bros actually picked her to direct the film. The film only made $4 million during its opening weekend, which hardly made up for the $12 million budget. However, Thompson asserts that Di Novi will have another chance to direct a major studio film because Di Novi has proven herself as a competent member of the film industry. Thompson relays Di Novi’s explanation for the lack of female directors: “…studios aren’t sexist so much as scared.”

Di Novi knows that the studios are all concerned with risk. She also realizes that it may be small and slow, but the tide is turning, and women are being given more films to direct little by little, like Patti Jenkins directing the new “Wonder Woman” film. She says that studios are taking risks on new female directors, and that is where the change advocating female cinematic talent starts.

Di Novi is completely right when it comes to the increase in opportunities for women in film. More avenues are opening up for them. The pace is very slow, but I am optimistic that more women will be able to direct Hollywood films in the future. But let’s hope that the box office sales are kind to them. Otherwise, the change might be shut down before it has time to evolve.


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