Egyptian Comedian Gives Hope

Kim Masters of The Business introduces listeners to an incredible story about an Egyptian doctor who became a comedian. Bassem Youssef was a heart surgeon in Cairo who had an interest in political comedy. He became popular on Youtube, and then eventually accumulated an audience of 30 million viewers on his own Egyptian television show. When some of his comedy started to criticize the Egyptian government, the government forced him out of the country, which is why he came to America, the home of many of his favorite comedies, especially The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Sara Taskler, a producer of The Daily Show, joined forces with Youssef, and she decided to direct a documentary about his life entitled Tickling Giants, which tells Youssef’s story in Egypt. Now Youssef is seeking employment in Los Angeles, attempting to writ and act.

Youssef’s story is a testament to the civil liberties that many Americans take for granted. America may be under a very rightist administration currently, but the stations and shows that criticize that administration are still up and running, and are given the opportunity to provide political satire. This may, of course, change in the future, as the state of the nation is incredibly volatile at this point. If nothing else, Youssef’s story shows how one can keep enduring. Even though he left his home country, he is persevering in the American entertainment market and showing people all around that people with conviction and devotion to the truth will never die out.


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