Tobey Maguire’s Directs His First Film

Michael Nordine at IndieWire recently reported that former Spiderman actor Tobey Maguire will be shouting through a megaphone for his directorial debut of Jo Nesbo’s 2015 novella “Blood on Snow.” The adaptation revolves around Olav, a hit man, who is asked to kill his boss’s wife because of her infidelity. Further information from Sam Barsanti at the A.V. Club revealed that Olav soon discovers amorous feelings for his boss’s wife and then must form an alliance with a rival crime lord to protect his new love interest from his boss.

The story itself is moderately unique, but the real interest for me is the fact that the Hollywood actor is actually directing a feature film. Maguire has been branded as Spiderman and has been given little recognition for his other acting roles in films like Pawn Sacrifice and Seabiscuit. It will be very interesting to see how this film is received. While it will probably not change Maguire from an actor to an acclaimed director overnight, it might open the door for him to direct other films and cement his versatility in the film industry. It is always encouraging seeing people with acclaimed film positions, like directors, writers, or actors, try different roles and expand their artistic horizons.

As someone who thoroughly enjoyed Maguire’s performance in the Spiderman trilogy, I sincerely hope he does a great job directing Blood on Snow, and I hope it is received well. The film will show if he is as versatile as I hope.


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