Rob Long: Sitcom, Strike, and Political Peace

In this week’s edition of The Business with Kim Masters, Masters interviews Rob Long, the current executive producer show runner for the CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait. Long mentions how he was suddenly called in to fix the show after some personality disputes on set and a lack of a unity as far as the creative direction of the show is concerned. He makes sure the show stays on track and that everyone is working in the same direction. He has succeeded in bringing Kevin Can Wait to the #1 comedy on CBS.

Long also talks about the writers strike developing in the Writers Guild of America (WGA). In a world where television is changing, and even more so recently, Long hopes their demands will be reasonable. While he sympathizes with their plight, he also realizes that the landscape is changing, and demands like increased pay on residuals, is just not practical in an age where stuff like Netflix original series is becoming more popular. He hopes they will focus their efforts on reasonable requests that can abide by the reality of the current television industry.

Long also talks about his life as a conservative in Hollywood. Contrary to popular assumption, he has actually not received much flak for being openly conservative in this predominantly liberal area. He finds that people in Hollywood are very open-minded to his conservative views. He says his political beliefs have had a hand in helping him make successful decisions in television. Long also did not seem to mind that much of the material he works on has a left-wing agenda. He is very relaxed about it and accepts it with much dignity.


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