Nolan’s Back At It With Dunkirk

Graham Winfrey posted to Indiewire about director Christopher Nolan’s most recent film endeavor entitled Dunkirk. This project follows the lives of English soldiers on the French beach of Dunkirk during World War II as they are pitted against German forces with almost certain doom. Nolan revealed his sentiments about this film at CinemaCon on Wednesday. Nolan expressed that this event in human history is “the ultimate suspense story.”

Looking at the trailer, one can see that this is going to have a trademark of all of Nolan’s films: strong characters. Much of Nolan’s success has been achieved through captivating actors portraying emotional and realistic characters, and fortunately, Dunkirk is no exception. To help with this, Nolan has again utilized an amazing cast, including Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, and Cillian Murphy. The film also features some fresh faces that Nolan claims will become more and more popular over the years because of their distinct talent. Nolan claims, “This combination of talent produced an ensemble the likes of which I’ve never had before.” This quote is not to be ignored, considering that Nolan’s films have almost always included incredible performances and actors. Dunkirk appears to be an ambitious project with a strong cast and gripping story. I am definitely interested in seeing this piece.

Dunkirk will be released on July 21st, and like other Nolan projects, it will have an IMAX option that Nolan strongly encourages the viewer see to fully appreciate the magnitude of the film.


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