New Filmmaker: Chinese Documentary

In the most recent installment of Adam Schartoff’s Filmwax Radio podcast series, Schartoff interviewed Kenneth Eng, a young Chinese-American filmmaker, about his most recent film. Eng recently completed a documentary called My Life In China about his father’s struggle to leave China to build a better life for his family in America.

When talking about the film, Eng revealed that is was a very enriching experience. They shot the film in China, a decision that resulted in mixed feelings from Eng’s father, Yau. Yau had difficulties looking back at what he had sacrificed for his family and abandoning his home country while also realizing that it was the best for his family. Filming in China also had a very profound effect on Kenneth, who admitted that it helped him understand and appreciate his heritage. He says it helped him come to terms with his identity as an Asian-American.

During the interview, Kenneth gave some very wise words. He advised the entire millennial generation to truly appreciate their elders. He feels that parents and older generations have many inspiring stories to tell, but they are often forgotten. Kenneth also said the film was a bonding experience for him and his father.

Kenneth’s interview was very inspiring, showing listeners that he has a passion for film, and that this film has had a profound impact on his relationship with his dad and the definition of himself. With such passion and sincerity, it is safe to say that Kenneth will have many more wonderful films in the future.


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