German Film Budget Increase: Good or Bad?

Ed Meza posted to Variety about an increase in the German film fund. According to his article, the German Federal Film Fund (DFFF) has increased its budget to $80 million in an effort to attract international filmmakers, especially Hollywood productions, to shoot in Germany.

This decision by the German government proves that film is a powerful art form. Its popularity has economic and political consequences. Everyone wants a piece of the Hollywood pie. While this incentive to film in Germany is primarily beneficial, one must also wonder if it inadvertently harms independent cinema and foreign cinema.

Shooting Hollywood films in international locations allows the world to expand their knowledge of unfamiliar areas. However, the main intent of the DFFF is to attract Hollywood rather than independent films, and this further reinforces the concept that Hollywood should get special treatment. While many cinephiles are aware of the indie scene and art films, a great many are not. This is most likely due to the fact that many believe Hollywood is the only cinema.

Yes, I believe this budget increase is beneficial and a positive change. However, the intent of the decision raises a few questions. This article also mentioned that another increase in the DFFF budget was planned for 2018. Hopefully, it will encourage indie filmmakers to participate in the filming of beautiful locations in Germany.


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