9/11 Character Film Looks Incredible

In a recent Indiewire post, Vikram Murthi wrote about a new film called September 12th. According to Murthi, this movie captures the lives of two strangers who have their flight from LA to New York grounded on the morning of September 11, 2001 as a result of the terrorist attacks on the world trade center. Through unexpected circumstance, they end of traveling to New York in a van and connect with each other through folk music.

September 12th seems to be a character film highlighting the human spirit’s persistence to survive in the midst of tragedy. This film seems to diverge from many of the other Hollywood films about the September 11 terrorist attacks, which seem to sweep up audiences in a sense of nationalistic pride. September 12th appears to focus on the beauty of humanity as two strangers share a bond through something as simple as folk music, rather than lamenting and documenting the tragedy of the attacks, even though I’m sure there will be much pain in this film. It is impossible to mention that day without grief.

Most of this film will probably take place in locations outside of New York as the pair travels, another unique choice when making a film around that infamous day. This, again, focuses the attention of the film on the people, not the event.

Perhaps this film is a message for modern America. Despite much of the troubles that plague much of society, this world will still survive because people will always find hope and joy in the small things in life, like folk music. Perhaps this film is also promoting traditional folk music, a genre of music that often gets overlooked in such a fast-paced, pop and techno oriented America.

Of course, all this is speculation until the film is unveiled. Murthi reports that September 12th premieres tomorrow, February 3, 2017 at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and it will be director David Heinz’s debut feature film. This film seems incredibly promising.


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